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When was Blue Star Foods founded?
Blue Star Foods was funded in 1995
When did Blue Star Foods become a public company?
November, 2018
How many employees does Blue Star Foods have?
Blue Star Foods has approximately 21 full time employees and the number is increasing along with the business expansion.
Under which exchange to Blue Star Food's common shares trade and what is Blue Star's ticker symbol?
Who can I contact regarding stock certificate matters?
VStock Transfer, LLC
18 Lafayette Place
Woodmere, NY 11598
How can I purchase the Company's stock?
Blue Star Foods common stock can be purchased through any registered broker.
How many shares outstanding does Blue Star Food have?
As of July 31, 2021, 23,332541 million shares.
Does Blue Star Foods pay a dividend?
No, Blue Star Foods does not pay dividends.
When does Blue Star Foods fiscal year end?
December 31.
Who are the Company's independent auditors?
Malone Bailey, LLP
10375 Richmond Avenue, Suite 710
Houston, TX 77042
o: 713.343.4212
f: 713.343.3412
Who is the Company's legal counsel?
The Crone Law Group, P.C.
500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 938, New York, NY 10110
Who can I contact about investor-related issues?

Investor Contact Information


Blue Star Food Corp.
3000 Northwest 109th Ave.
Miami, FL 33172

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